What Happened at The 2014 USA Gymnastics Championship?

As anticipated, officials announced the 2014 USA Gymnastics Championship event will begin in the 15th of This summer where it lasted for as many as five days attracting large numbers of fans throughout the U . s . States. The big event was dedicated for acrobatics, rhythmic, trampoline and tumbling competitions.

Beginning with great energy and enthusiasm, countless athletes discovered the U.S. and participated in case in which the top most former champions attracted the many of their fans towards the event.

The existence of 7 protecting champions introduced an imprecise degree of excitement towards the events’ fans. Let’s now rapidly enter into understanding what Simone Biles happened in the 2014 USA Gymnastics Championship and just how it were left with probably the most surprising results this season.

Based on the official results announced through the USA Gymnastics Championship 2014, the outcomes are listed more than 500 women and girls

Trampoline and Tumbling

o Jeffrey Gluckstein from Atlantic Highlands (men)

o Charlotte now Drury from Laguna Niguel (women)

Rhythmic gymnastics

o Jazzy Kerber from Highland Park and Rebecca Sereda from Staten Island

acrobatic gymnastics

o Kiley Boynton and Ryan Ward, both in the Riverside (mixed pair)

o Ciera Wilson of Riverside and Kailey Maurer both in the Colton (women’s pair)

o Hannah Silverman from Clarksville, Christina Antoniades from Eldersburg and Emily Ruppert from Baltimore (women’s group)

Trampoline and Tumbling Gymnastics

Trampoline and tumbling is among the preferred sports games all across the globe and with regards to the U . s . States we know that there are a variety of unrivaled athletes protecting with respect to the country where most of the markets leading trampoline and jumper also attended the big event where as many as 819 athletes took part in the trampoline and tumbling category.

Jeffrey Gluckstein in the Elite Trampoline gym of Atlantic Highlands effectively accomplished the first Position within the senior trampoline and tumbling championship category where he remarkably required within the lead having a difference of 2195 points from Neil Gulati from World Elite trampoline gym resulting him to complete within the second place.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

As many as 221 gymnasts took part in the occasions underneath the group of rhythmic gymnastics where fans already anticipated that Rebecca Sereda will defend her title but the very first time within the history, Jazzy Kerber and Rebecca Sereda tied with one another.

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Mixing the skill of dance with athletes, the course of acrobatic gymnastics made up of as many as 623 gymnasts who showed up in the 2014 USA Gymnastics Championship across the nation where Kiley Boynton, Ryan Ward, Christina Antoniades, Emily Ruppert, Hanna Silverman, Eirian Cruz and Brain Kincher were probably the most prominent names.

While getting probably the most of thrill and excitement towards the event, when we look to the group performances, Christina Antoniades, Emily Ruppert and Hannah Silverman fished within the first place while underneath the group of paired performances, Kiley Boynton and Ryan Ward been successful to offer the first position with departing the ground fully unrivaled.

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