Successes of The France Handball Team

The France national handball team ehf represents France during worldwide matches. It’s a strong team with a number of medals for his or her past wins. Presently, they may be the protecting champion euro 2014 world titles, the Euro championship in euro to a champion within the Olympic titles. The team’s first records were achieved within the 1990s once the team participated and won several occasions then. These were really because of the l’ensemble des Bronzes nickname once they participated and won a bronze medal within the summer time Olympic games in 1992. To complement handball european championship in worldwide tournaments is really a struggle for just about any worldwide handball team.

The France national handball team is managed through the european handball federation. They’re a normal team within the Olympic games that they’ve two medals up to now. The bronze medal within the 1992 summer time european handball federation was the very first medal in summer time Olympic occasions. They won a gold medal 16 years later within the 2008 0lympics. They also participates on the planet champions that they are in possession of eight medals. They’ve earned gold medals in four titles. They first won a gold medal once they won the planet titles in 1995. In 2001, they obtained the championship title handball tournament after getting dropped it within the 1997 and 1999 titles. They lost the title within the 2003 titles but obtained it later in ’09, twelve months once they had won the the-france-handball-team championship. They become a fierce competitor around the 2011 world championship and retained the championship title, proving itself to be a dual protecting champion.

In France They handball team lost the 1993 world titles with a small margin within the finals, winning a silver medal, the only real silver medal they’ve in the world titles. They’ve been within the third positions in world titles for 3 occasions now, that they earned bronze medals. In 1997,they were given a bronze, getting lost the championship these were holding. They again lost their 2001 championship within the 2003 titles obtaining the 2nd bronze medal. They retained the 3rd position within the 2005 titles.

In France They team also participates within the European championship ligue handball (handball league). To date, they’ve two gold medals for that 2006 and 2010 titles, and something bronze medal for that 2008 championship. Previously couple of years, in france they handball team has proven great attitude and motivation hanging around. They’re within the records because the reigning world champions and triple title holders for the continental and also the world handball championship to be the first team to possess this type of record.

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